Lectures and Tours

Lectures and Tours:

New Workshop: Ten Words To Heal the World:

Kindly call 518 893-0808 for Information

Ten Topics for Conversation 

1.) Leadership in the 21st Century (Why all leaders must disavow all followers.)

2.) Why Rabbi Edwin H. Friedman is Chief Rabbi, Reshone LaSealah.

3.) Torah and not Religion.

4.) Everyone a Sage.

5.) Kabballah.

6.) The Spiritual Law of Gravity.

7.) Realigion and Reality.

8.) Mastering The Good Name.

9.) The Final Age Testament is The Final Temple

10.) Pilgrimage is the A Ascent.

More Workshops

Shalom Shalom

The work begins in the Ascent.

No need to leave your home.

I am more than happy to come to your community, but remember, this is personal. 

Shabbat is a good starting point. We will discuss your practice and work. What are you reading? How are you celebrating?

Next, depending on the calendar, we will map out a practice that sanctifies that specific time.

Review the Seders by season and e -mail your questions to me.

Create your personal or family narrative. Send a copy and i will post.

Our goal is a collaboration.

And creating opensource forums.

This is the future of realigion.

Love, Aria