Moses by Judith Dodds

by Judith Dodds Alpern


Welcome. The A speaks for itself. To Z. And Z to A.
Ascend, descend, or follow any order you choose.

Remember The Spiritual Law of Gravity: What goes up
must come down.

All of this is to be read A Loud!


(Since this is anything but a sermon i suggest you respond.

Remember, Wisdom is found in the power of questioning.)



“First and foremost,

i consider myself a Reader,

then as a poet,

then as a prose writer.”

Jorge Luis Borges




“All, all make up one scheme of perjury,
That faith doth reel ; the  very name of God
Sounds like a juggler’s charm ; and, bold with joy,
Forth from his dark and lonely hiding-place,
(Portentious sight !) the owlet Atheism,
Sailing on obscene wings athwart the noon,
Drops his blue-fringéd lids, and holds them close,
And hooting at the glorious sun in Heaven,
Cries out, `Where is it ?'”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Fears in Solitude, 1798









Poetry, Alone

Though we all adore Adorno

i say, After Auschwitz;

“The destruction of Prose


The possibility of Poetry

Alone.”                      The R.E.A.L.


” i don’t think anyone should write his autobiography until after he’s dead.”

Samuel Goldwin

                                                                            sephirot 2




Is SeAlah a new religion?

Re visioned Re  vised. New? No.

Is The Final Age Testament fact or fiction?


When did the Final Age begin?


Are you serious, or is this all a joke?

“There are things so serious you can only joke about them.”
Neils Bohr

What does Se A lah mean?

Sealah is an exclamation of the stillness after Movements,(political and religious) the laying down of arms, and the uplifting of hands and voices.
Sealah announces the end of the prosaic and the return of prophecy and poetry.

Sealah is the revelation of a scripture so clear that every reader glimpses messiah in the mirror.

Does this mean Messiah is coming?

Yes, with book in hand.

What is a Final Age Testament?

The Five Books of Laurence are a commentary on everything old and new, a redefining of basics from A to Z.

Professor Hans Kung prefaces each of his books with the teaching that we will not have Peace among the Nations until we achieve dialogue between the religions.

How does ReAligion fit into this?

Re A ligion and Se A lah redefine the fundamentals and foundations of religion. The Final Age Testament teaches a new vocabulary for this dialogue.

Why is Franz Kafka the key to the Final Age Testament?

Kafka may be thought of as the first modern and Jew
of the Modern (New New) Age.

Rabbi Kafka taught that Religions, like people, get lost. Kafka himself was lost in the negative and became patron saint of the peculiar. Rabban taught that the Final Age moves beyond the rebellious son,
(See Kaddish for The Kafkan).

Finally; Explain The Final Tablets, The A.

If all the wisdom of the Torah is compactified and reduced to an essence, you have the Hebrew letter Aleph. This translates in English to an A. The Letter A is the first of Ten letters that read the same from in front or behind. The Ten Utterance’s had the same quality according to Torah, which teaches that The Tablets were written on the one side and the other (KJV), which means they were readable in every direction. (Exodus 32:15). The Zohar, mirroring every humans bilateral symmetry, explains that The Tablets are like hands and fingers; five on the one, and five on the other. The teachings fold into one another as two hands in prayer. This creates a riddle:

Depending on right or left-brains perspective we have teaching six grasping one, seven two, eight three, nine four, and ten five.

The first teaching is God, and one who takes a life diminishes the image of God. The second teaching is Truth, its negation being idolatry and adulteration. The Final Tablets are a poetic solution to the riddle. Kabballah.


Moses by Judith Dodds

by Judith Dodds Alpern




          Kabballah A


Kabballah A  

(Even Stevens)                             

Contrivance of the Specter of the Spheres?


Contriving balance to contrive a Whole?


In the End

A playing to hall harridan

And hushful paradise.

A, meeting

The Bride

Who lives all lives and knows.

And we the happy people

In an unhappy world?


Prophets all, of the Ten

Break our bodies

And we dance!

Yes and

Yes once Again

All words Contrived

A, shadowing

Mirrors of Mercy or

Mirrors of Misery

So we Ascend

The Axis

Of Everything

We see the very thing.

Nothing more precious

than the view from the A

Final Mountain.



Pre Face A:


A Dedication for Theo




(The Idea of Order on A Mountain)


In as much as Many have taken in hand to set in Order a Narrative of events and compiled Canons of The Old and of The New, I have decided, having investigated Everything Accurately Anew, to Finally dedicate All of this to You, my Friend, most Excellent Theophilos.


As you stand at the base of The A Mountain be strong and of good courage as you move up and beyond the abecedarian, and alight from A to M.

This Aliyah spells the great “I Am”, another name for God A. Ouija!


The  “I am” arranges the letters into Thirteen Attributes of Gods Mercy. Moses chants this ascent to Atone for the circle dance around the Golden Calf.


But you know all of this my friend. I repeat for those awaiting entrance into our discussion, our updated Oral Tradition.



Does Poetry Help Us Live Our Life?


Yes. On Arête, M to N we begin our descent, n to o, p to q, r to s, t to u, v to w, x to y, then finally, to z.


 13 ways to bring heaven down to earth.


 Meditate on the shape of the M, note the N as A up and A inverted. Z is A upon A;

An alphabet for this Final Book of Formation and Creation. (Yetzira)


The answer is given, so we shall discover the question. Our Dedication to Edwin follows.


Next we discover the pure poetry of Shabbat and Shalom.


Then, an essential innovation based on tradition.

We live in sacred time. We consecrate the calendar, our only catechism.


The Alpern Seders are scripts for home observance. They are our future.


To reconstruct the Sacred Truths of our Fables and Old Songs ANew, we follow the model of Torah. God creates by speaking, ordering the world into existence. This is the prime commandment. Create worlds with your words.

Follow the Order of the Seders.




Every Citizen A Sage In the Final Age


As we continue our descent down The A Mountain, I remind, as your guide, that our rabbi’s of Blessed Memory consider study a form of prayer and prayer a type of study. The words are the same. Only the intonations vary.


 The A Mountain is a Poem and a Prayer




Enrollment in the Sealah Free University is a religious obligation, as we make ready to announce The Final Age.


The truly dedicated will open their eyes to rabbinic studies. See I.R.I.S.


All are called to Minister in G.E.M.S.


Redemption of the world begins with Devar Jonah. We open a forum to discuss how we will rethink, reform, and recommision Corrections.


Finally, it is your dedication that will make all of the above real. 










First, Wallace Stevens:


“…like a dark rabbi,   I

Observed, when young, the nature of mankind, 

  In lordly study. Every day I found

Man proved a gobbet in my wincing world.


Like a rose rabbi, later, I pursued,

And still pursue, the origin and course

Of love, but until now I never knew

That fluttering things have so distinct a shade.”


Firstly, as a Stevensonian, all is dedicated to

My muse,

My A,

My Rabbi writ large and writ small,

My Rebbe, Wallace Stevens.


My Rebbe points the Way Up The A Mountain to Arête:


Cold is our element and winters air

Brings voices as of lions coming down.


Oh Rabbi, rabbi, tend my soul for me

And true savant of this dark nature be.




The Ascent up The A Mountain to Arête, is, by definition dangerous. With each lettered step the air thins to winter. Ascend we must, for in the aliya we experience virtue and excellence.


I have built a shelter for you to dwell in at the top, and there you will meet Theophilos.


Over the door we have carved these aphorisms  of Wallace in the exact Apex of the A:



God and the imagination are one.


And this:


God is the major poetic idea of the west.


Yes, for better and for worst we are married to a God who reads as good and bad poetry.


Good? Bad? Old? New? Final?


All the New becomes Old, so we chant a Final.


All are fictions, we believe in willingly.


All I write is in order, but imperfect. This imperfect is also my paradise.


The paradise on the arête of A Mountain is a perilous place. The Mountain appears, at first glance, to be unassailable.


Remember, in The Original Testament the people of the earth remained at the base of the mountain.


This time all you need is imagination to Alight.


(And an unabridged dictionary to decipher the codes of our Rebbe. His Torah gives an order

to chaos, but often needs translation.)


The voice of the lion hearted proclaims:


Proceed from A to Z.


The Old Centuries are writ ANew.




Acknowledging Franz Amschel Kafka


I am a son of Kafka.

(See Genizah!) 

Our Father, whose name is Kafka, was more a poet than a novelist.

  Since all poets are Jews, are not all Jews poets?


A poet of Ambiguity, my father still confounds. His Testament was betrayed, as are all Testaments.


Fathers Novels are poetic scraps, incomplete and in disorder.


His Aphorisms are often like Zen Koans. Especially concerning the coming of Messiah.


 His commentary on Genesis is on the order of a modern day Rashi, and on the Apex of the A.


His God, like Wallace Steven’s, was his imagination.


The poet W.H. Auden perceptively suggests that we all now live in the Kafkan Era. We are all as lonely as Franz Amschel Kafka. His struggles are our struggles. We are all limping Jacobians. We all have one final solution. To be poets. Like Father. When all people are poets all people will be Jews.


I ordain Kafka a Rose Rabbi since he also pursued the origin and course of love. As he failed, we all fail, and all his failings foreshadow our failings.


Contradicting the many savants of Kafka’s dark nature I am called to defend my Father by proclaiming:


There is little about Kafka that is Kafkaesque.


Our era is also an age of Kafkalogy.




The Holy Herman


Wallace is leading, with Franz, hand in hand. Tethered to our ropes is the holy Herman Melville.

On Arête, on the peak, reality is perceived in the balance of the central mind. There, with a sure script we announce the holy spirit of our third true teacher, Herman Melville.


Herman finished his great white and black behemoth scripture one century before I was born. In fact, my birthplace in Pittsfield Massachusetts is one hillcrest in front of the spot Melville penned Moby Dick. Our wintery beginnings coincide in place, and in time, minus one hundred years. December 23, 1950 I was born in the great, worldwide snowstorm of the century.


My darkest fear is that I will never be vomited out of my own Behemoth Leviathan, The Final Age Testament.


Yes, The A Mountain is a volcano, ready to erupt. The metaphors are a mixing.


This Mountain takes the place of all poems, because it is the A- Poem.





Say Again! Up and Down The A Mountain


On the Apex we find, once again, my rabbinic mentor, Rabbi Edwin H. Friedman, O.B.M.


A rather intense disciple, I Announce:



Ten Things I Learned From My Rebbe:


Playfulness turns irreverence into an Act of faith.


God invented humans because She loves stories.


Attitude, The Big A, is Everything!


Successful artists are careful not to give too much information or solve the problem for the viewer or reader.

( I confess I violate this rule, since the A Mountain is the final solution to all problems. On the other hand, I do hide the Answer right under your nose.)


To freely chose your destiny know what you believe.


The quest for certainty ends in idolatry. Beware of experts.


“ I myself am looking for a word to replace “religion” to reclaim my original ideas.” (Moses via Edwin)


Edwin’s manifesto? “ Basically it asks anyone who has started a tradition to disavow all followers.”


The key is not in the text it is in the interpretation.


And finally, creation is always A autobiography.



The R.E.A.L.

“How simply the fictive hero becomes the real.”

Wallace Stevens


What may the A.A. add, but that all true reading is a revisioning; so I, The R.E.A.L.; 

 Rabbi Elijah Aria Laurence adumbrate:


All Revelation is also, always, Autobiography.


On the A Mountain, a Moses, I reconstruct the Broken Shards of the Sapphire Tablets to recreate the world ANew. Tikkun.


ReAligion is Autobiographical Revelation.


Call me A.


Redemption is also Autobiography, as you will read in my novell(A),  The Messiah of Princetown, Ohio.    


I will be announcing Messiah, for The End is essential to our story.


In the meantime I remind:

We all have the same end.

Each and ever one of us.


So first be the messiah of your own life.

Listen to your inner Elijah announcing the way to reconstruct a whole from your brokenness.


Then save your own family. Turn your heart to your children and they will turn to yours. This begins by remembering to observe principle four of the big Ten. Follow the Seder of Shabbat Shalom. One day a week  dedicated to experiencing heaven on earth. The Sabbath Bride is A Messiah.


Next review the history of messianic speculation in Final Testament.


Finally, remember the Spiritual Law of Gravity. What goes up the A Mountain must come down the A Mountain. Remember this is all more than religion, more than philosophy, more than poetry.

When we make literature our religion we are in danger of being stranded on the ridges of Arête. The danger of Arête is that the chosen may become the frozen.


Scriptures and novels and philosophies and poetry are, in the end, only letter rearranging.


Thus chants the Rebbe Stevens:


A is where we always begin.

Z is refreshed at every end.


This is why I now ordain your eyes for the A Vision.


This is our prime directive and ministry; to be three times redeemed from Behemoth Religion Leviathan Politics and the Psychiatrist’s couch.

Beware the physician’s chemical messianic agents and prescriptions.


 Beware of all sure scripts.


Beware ascending and descending Mountain A.


Finally, free yourself from every prison and misprision.


Free yourself from Jonah’s syndrome.


Out of the belly and into the street.


No more retreats.

No more conversion.


Just conversation.



Call me, Aria